H20Delirious has constantly baffled YouTubers because he is one of the only gamers who has not created a "face reveal", or a video in which the gamer shows off what he looks like. However, he already has. We already know what he looks like. Here is some evidence I have been able to dig up about this mysterious gamer-

1. We know that Delirious' first mention of Vanoss was a year ago. It might have been earlier, but we know it's labeled a year ago.

2. Daithi de Nogla's first encounter with Delirious can be found at this link-

3. Delirious's face reveal (no sh*t) can be found at this link-

4. His real name is Jonathon, and he lives in North Carolina, according to Vanoss Wiki.

Speaking of Vanoss Wiki, the previous link contains a "trivia" page that has all the evidence we need to make a sound statement about who he really is.

I guess we know now who this not-so-mysterious YouTuber is!

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