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Entity303 Died And Came Back To LifeEdit


Ghasts are always sad probably because Entity303 died.

Undead Dosent Mean EvilEdit


The players respawn many times still choosing good or evil.Entity303 probably chose evil Herobrine probably choose good.

Herobrine Is Nice And InnocentEdit


Most people see Herobrine as a villian but he sees most players as evil and there's a lot of reasons why.Most players kill innocent animals'kill trees,steal from villagers,kill villagers'destroy villages and stuff like like that.That makes most of the players evil and Herobrine innocent and protecting players who don,t do that from monsters and dangerous things.

Entity303 Is EvilEdit


Entity303 is the one Herobrine warned innocent players about the villanous Entity303.He summons a bunch of monsters and lightning to destroy all players and exploding trees and villages hacking minecraft in a bad way.

How I Think There Past Was LikeEdit

In shcool human Entity 303 bullied Brian but Brian defended himslef from human Entity303.Brian was known for being A nice student while Entity303 was know for being a bully that only Entity303 himself would like.Brian grew older and was in the nether while creatures in the nether killed him and made him become Herobrine but I can't, think of the way Entity303 died.


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