Strike Force Heroes Theory Edit

I love this game created by Armor Games and supported by Not Doppler. Prior to playing and beating both games, I realized that the story outlined in the game actually made sense. From looking at the plot and pointing out finer details, I have been able to create a rather interesting theory, and my own plot to the story.

Before Strike Force Heroes begins, the scientist is the second-in-command at Globex. During this time, the Globex Leader clones himself in order to continue living once the nuke has been activated. The Scientist asks his superiors to become a sleeper agent working for the Strike Force Heroes, and the CEO (also known as the Globex Leader) agrees. Somewhat unhappy with the scientist's decision, the Globex Leader asks his men to storm the base and kill all but two scientists- Iagi (mentioned in SFH 2) and the Scientist. When the game begins, the Scientist is actively involved in his sleeper mission in the original Globex headquarters. During Globex's "attack" on the facility, the base is destroyed and the Scientist is the only one left. One could tell the Scientist is evil is because he is working on a killer cure and isn't actively sharing it with anyone. When the Globex leader is terminated by the Player, the Scientist takes on the role of the Leader. At the end, the Scientist thanks the Globex Leader clone for not killing him, even though he asked to be saved.

Flash forward to SFH2. Now that the scientist is in control, he asks a group of soldiers and a Commando on the Heroes' Bravo team named Dex to provide him with tactical information for a hefty sum of money. The Scientist gives the Heroes information about Iagi, who the Scientist has already been set to be terminated. Iagi's death succeeds, and Dex is the prime culprit. This could also explain the final battle, in which the Scientist is able to give exact details of the mech- the mech that he designed. The scientist is the last one remaining at the new Globex headquarters.

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